Learning & Practicing Yoga Therapy

Early in 2008, my daily practice was growing stronger. Physical flexibility and range of motion increased; however, the pain was still there. It even intensified at times and places in my body. Wasn't Yoga supposed to cure all your aches and pains and lead to a completely liberated physical state of being? I still felt something was missing but didn't know where to find the answer.

One day I went to a class, and my teacher's father, Dr. Malcolm Kest, was visiting. Since we both had Dentistry in common, we started chatting after class. I told him of my desire to use my Yoga teacher training more as a healing art. He told me of a wonderful new program he studied in Australia. It was a Yoga therapy course, which only accepted licensed medical professionals as potential students.

The reasons for the professional requirements were:

  • licensed medical practitioners have existing knowledge in healing and treating patients in their specialties (MD, DO, DDS, RN, PT, OT, etc.),
  • they already had extensive experience and practice in patient care. and most importantly,
  • they came to Yoga Therapy with many years of training at the University level in anatomy, physiology, kinesiology and all the rest of the basic medical sciences.

There was only one program in America that raised the standard for Yoga Therapy training admission that high. I began to study with Ginger Garner, MPT, ATC. Her program: Professional Yoga Therapy Studies (PYTS) is based in Emerald Isle, NC. It is an intensive, four part course that teaches qualified and well prepared individuals how to apply Yoga to a wide range of diseases, acute and chronic medical conditions, musculoskeletal dysfunctions and much more.

I began Michigan Yoga Therapy and Wellness practice based on the platform of:

  • Traditional Medical Education
  • Yoga Teacher Training & Practice, and
  • Professional Yoga Therapy Training

Today, I practice Yoga Therapy to assist patients with metabolic diseases and dysfunctions and share my understanding of Yoga Therapy with my fellow Yoga teachers and students.