My Encounter with Yoga

I've been a General Dentist for over thirty years. I graduated from the University of Michigan School of Dentistry in 1978. Ten years after entering private practice, I began to develop severe neck, back, shoulder and leg pain.

Following contemporary medical advice, I sought out chiropractic treatment. The treatment was helpful, but the need to go in almost daily for adjustments interfered with my work. Also, having almost no control over the treatment left me wondering if there was something more I could do to help myself.

After a short while, I ran into massage therapy. The manipulation of the trigger points provided by therapists generated a great amount of relief. There was HOPE! I also realized not only the physical ADJUSTMENTS but also therapists' TOUCH on both the emotional and spiritual body was largely responsible for my recovery.

Further exploration of body, emotional well-being and spiritual growth led me to the further appreciation of philosophy and practice of yoga. The following 18 years was a journey of establishing my personal practice. Along the way, I met and studied with many gifted teachers in many different styles of yoga. While the styles had different points of emphasis, they all held the development of breathing techniques (Pranayama) in the core practice.

Beginning in 1999, I spent three years studying Bikram yoga. However, I still felt there was something else yet unexplored. My Dharma (life-purpose) led me to the Center for Yoga in West Bloomfield and Birmingham, Michigan. There I met my current Teacher, Jonny Kest. All things started to fall into place from there.

With a new sense of seriousness and resolve, the daily personal practice began to take shape. My next progression was to a yoga teacher training program. Teacher training was initially undertaken not to become a yoga teacher but rather to delve into the philosophy and practice of yoga, which was a way to DEEPEN my understanding and LOVE for the practice. Soon after completion of the Jonny Kest Teacher Training, I began to teach at the Center for Yoga and continue to this day.