What Techniques Do Yoga Therapists'

Employ in Their Analysis???

The following is a partial listing of diagnostic techniques and treatment regimens available to the Yoga Therapist. Depending on the expertise of the Therapist, this listing could be expanded to include many more tools.

1. Pranayama-breath control
2. Asana- yoga postures
3. Dhyana-meditation
4. Ayurvedic Medicine-the science of self-healing
5. Koshic Conceptual Diagnosis-sheath/body analysis
6.Dosha/Gunic Evaluation-
7. Chakra Therapy-Energy center awareness
8. Marma Therapy- Touch centered awareness
9. Aromatherapy- Smell centered awareness
10. Color therapy-Visual arts awareness
11. Music Therapy-Sound/sensory awareness
12. Bodywork-massage and deep tissue manipulation

Yoga therapy encompasses a lot of seemingly unrelated, tangential parameters, but as these basic techniques applied during the course of clinical evaluation and treatment, resulting patterns begin to emerge.

Emerging patterns give a 'snapshot in time' but may be useful as each client begins to see him/herself not as that "face in the mirror', but as an evolving' constantly changing being of perpetual change.