Welcome to Michigan Yoga Therapy and Wellness. Yoga Therapy is all about balancing one's physical, emotional and spiritual needs so that optimal health, deep inner peace and life-purpose (dharma) can blossom.

You will find that Yoga Therapy helps:

  • Improve your health by increasing the strength, flexibility and efficient functioning of your body,
  • Bring peace and clarity to the mind (mental equanimity),
  • Address the emotional/spiritual needs that often go unattended but make up a large part of your sense of well-being.

The therapeutic benefits of Yoga are relatively new to Westerners. It is important to realize that improvements in the physical appearance and functioning of the body are directly related to the health of the emotional and spiritual fields deep inside of you. Developing the ability to recognize and regulate one's emotional/spiritual realm is a key to the practice of Yoga Therapy.

The five senses plus your intelligence help to survey and evaluate your external environment. Your task is to train your mind to listen to all sensations bubbling up inside your body, both gross and subtle, triggered by the environment, and to use this biofeedback proactively to begin the healing process.

It is only when your physical, emotional and spiritual needs are addressed and balanced, can real healing of the physical body and its afflictions begin to happen.

I hope that you find the information in Michigan Yoga Therapy and Wellness helpful and that it gives you HOPE for a healthier, more satisfying and peaceful life.